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Winter Coaching


Winter Coaching

What is your golf goal for next season?
I can help you, make that happen!
Call me @ 905 512 0688 and let’s solve your game!

Using: Simulator Data/Video Swing Analysis/Fun Challenges/Training Tools and over 20 years of a proven approach to help you improve ‘your’ swing and game.

2022/23 Far Away Green Indoor Rates

NOTE : Simulator Lesson Rate of $32.00 + HST per hour is EXTRA

ALSO AVAILABLE– ‘ONFORM App’ The BEST way to keep on track of your lessons & learning by having your coaching videos sent to you! HEAR & SEE on your iPad or phone- what it is that YOU must work on, to get better!
Par (Single session) $10.00 Birdie (4 sessions) 30.00 Eagle (6 sessions) FREE!


Far Away Greens 3070 Mainway Unit #14 Burlington, Ontario