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Scoring Zone

Specializing in the Scoring Zone

 Scoring, Short Game Zone- 

 Make MORE UP & DOWN’s! Sharpen your short game! Improve your ‘Scoring Zone’  “chip it in”   “pitch it close”  make a “sandy”…Learn to control your ball flight and distances! (Where 75 % of golf is played…) 

In the special ‘Scoring Zone’ designated area, there is approx. 80 yds of ball flight, where I help you will improve your short game skills in a real ‘game-like’ situations. Practicing with more ‘game-like situations’ is KEY to getting it ‘up and down’ 

Skills such as pitching, (controlling distance and trajectory) chipping, (from a variety of lies, distances) understanding of ‘carry and roll’, greenside bunker shots, and putting…ALL onto a real green WILL Lower your score FAST!  

FEE |   3 sessions- $255  |    5 sessions-$375  

Please review cancellation and other policies below.

Please review cancellation and other policies