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Private Coaching

Designed for golfers who desire more personal attention. I will work with each individual’s understanding of the golf swing and learning style. I will assist you in honing your skills, improving your technique, building sound fundamentals and understanding of your swing. By using video analysis, practice plans, exercises and games/challenges, you will improve your swing and game. I look forward to delivering a quality and fun learning experience for you. 

1 Experience- 90.00
3 Experiences-250.00
5 Experiences- 400.00 

* Added Value to Package of 5 Learning Experiences includes a 3 hole ‘Learning Loop’ on course play experience.

Please review the cancellation and other policies below.

1 Hour Private Coaching Session, with a 30 min. FOLLOW UP session 

Fault detection with fix remedy along with follow-up review session 


Please review the cancellation and other policies below.

Thirtyminutes4Thirty$$- A basic ‘no frills’ session- 1 fault recognition with a 1 remedy  


Please review the cancellation and other policies below.

Private Monthly Coaching Commit to getting better! Keep your sessions consistent- fore better results- reaching your goals! 

 (sessions completed within designated # months) 

2 sessions in 1 month = $170   4 sessions in 2 months= $300     6 sessions in 3 months= $390
3 sessions in 1 month = $240   6 sessions in 2 months= $420     9 sessions in 3 months= $540  

Please review the cancellation and other policies  below.

8 Private Sessions

3 short game- Putt, chip, pitch, bunker 

3 full swing- short iron, mid irons, hybrid/ fairway/ driver 

2 on-course play sessions.   $865  

Please review the cancellation and other policies  below.

The Learning Loop…. An on-course play program-done at twilight hours/unless otherwise arranged (fees may vary) A great way to learn as we go around on the course, playing different holes, encountering different situations/shots- learning to play your game with your swing – by managing the golf course. 

        1- 4hole loop= $100    3 – 4-hole loops= $270     4 – 4 -hole loops=$300 

Using: Simulator Data/Video Swing Analysis/Fun Challenges/Training Tools and over 20 years of a proven approach to help you improve ‘your’ swing and game.

One Hour Private Experience- $100.00
Four Private Experiences-$375.00
Six Private Experiences-$525.00
Eight Private Experiences-$650.00
(prices include Simulator fee)

Far Away Greens
3070 Mainway Unit #14
Burlington, Ontario

Please review cancellation and other policies