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Do you offer Private, one-on-one sessions?

I do but am slowly integrating out of them. I am on a NEW approach to better learning and coaching – a Results Based Coaching Program, that guarantees results! It is much more cost effective and with greater value!

How much commitment is needed/required for this program?

It requires 2 hours for the on-course play portion, 90 minutes a week- for the supervised practice portion which you will attend. You are expected to practice a minimum of 2-3 times and play a minimum of 9 holes prior to the next session. You will go on the course to play several times during this program! (depending on your commitment & goal setting, it will be a minimum of 3 times, during twilight hours) We will be keeping track of your progression through skill development, games and challenges!

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Jeff Howe coaching golf to student

How different are you than other instructors?

I am a results-based coach, providing ‘Score’ orientated results! I place emphasis on sound fundamentals. I only use technology as needed. I do not like to make a lot of ‘swing changes’- I would rather use what you have and make it work better for you! You will get a little better every session!

What are your qualifications?

I am a Canadian Golf Teachers Federation Master Level Instructor. I have been in the teaching business for over 25 years. I also have a Certificate in Golf Psychology, have studied Mindfulness Teaching, and a background in Athletic Therapy.

What if I can’t make a session?

My policy is 24 hr. cancellation- I understand that things arise. You can join another program at another day/time. There are no make-up sessions. 

Has anyone like me been successful?

I have many successful and satisfied clients! If you follow the program, do the work, and are committed to getting better, you will be successful! I am committed to helping you! I guarantee your satisfaction!

Are people in the group the same skill level?

Golfers in the group come with a variety of skill levels. We work together, yet independently to help you achieve your goals! Drills, games & challenges will be specific to your current skill set.

Jeff Howe coaching golf
Jeff teaching students

What is the difference between group training and a clinic?

A clinic is typically a 1 topic program- where everyone does the same thing, no matter the skill set. Group training is FUN, it’s filled with games, challenges and score keeping, tracking your progress. Your ‘group’ will keep you involved and accelerate your learning! It is a great dynamic, that builds your confidence, for the on-course nerves!

Will I get worse before I get better?

It truly depends on where you are when you start your journey into golf. Learning a new activity is challenging, rewarding…yet it has its ups and downs! (Called the Learning Curve—much like when you learned how to walk!) Learning should be FUN, and I keep it that way! 

How do I pay?

A non-refundable $25.00 deposit to secure your participation in any of the programs/learning experiences. This is done via e transfer to Balance is paid in full at the first session. (Monthly payments for longer commitments may be pre-arranged if required).

Why groups instead of individuals?

Small group learning has been proven to be more beneficial in learning. We play golf in small groups, it’s a great way to be involved with others, make new friends, be a part of like-minded golfers wanting to get better. Small groups= BIG Results!

Is this a mixed/co-ed program?

Yes, it is…it can be. You are always welcome to organize your own group of participants. 

Do you coach on the course?

YES!! This is the best place to learn & practice, to test your game! We will work on several different areas, to see how you play your game! We PLAY to LEARN! 

Jeff teaching students
Golf student practicing indoor golf

How fast can you fix my slice?

Fixing, changing or resolving anything can take time. It requires effort on your part! It’s not like fixing a flat tire on your car…We work together to solve problems that you are encountering with your swing/game! We are a team!

How long will it take to reach my goals?

Great question! How committed are YOU? How much time do you have? How bad do you want to get better?

How will you guarantee my results?

Your on-course play assessment will show me where your game is currently at. We will devise a realistic plan, with specific drills, exercises, games & challenges for you to perform. Keeping track, data collecting, and modifying along the way- we will get you to your goal! Should you not achieve your goal in the said number of sessions- then I will coach you for FREE until you do, or you are satisfied! 

(Until the end of the season)

Are green fees included in the price of the Results Based Coaching Programs?


Are golf balls included during sessions?

Yes, at Hidden Lake Golf Club—-NO @ Within Range- they are EXTRA!

Do you do club fitting?

No, but I have a great contact

Do you do Golf Fitness?

No, but I have contacts that do full golf fitness programs. With my background & education in Athletic Therapy, I understand how the body works, and I can provide you with some very good golf stretches for pre practice & game warm-up.

Jeff Howe
Jeff Howe coaching golf to student

What technologies/training aids do you use?

I use the Onform video swing analysis app. It is a great way to communicate swing modifications and keep in contact with clients. I also use Hackmotion swing sensor. Tour Tempo- to monitor your swing tempo.  I use HD golf simulators in the winter months-Voice Caddy launch monitor in summer-

Do you offer Gift Cards?

You can purchase a $ dollar amount for credit towards a program. The certificate can be e-mailed to you.