Burlington Golf Programs

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Weekly Solution Programs

A 4-week journey to help you improve and solve your short-game or long-game concerns

Learn and train with like-minded golfers, who want to perform better!  

Practice with a purpose, using deliberate, fun exercises and challenges to improve your technique while building your skills. 

Individual golf lesson. Young woman having a golf lesson with golf instructor
Jeff teaching students

Custom Group Lessons

A fun and interactive way to learn with friends, colleagues, or family members

Organize your group, and let’s start improving your game and swing, with a day, evening & time that suits you all.

I can challenge all levels of skill sets in this climate while making it a beneficial learning experience for all!

Weekly Specialty Programs

By the end of this program, you will be able to call yourself a golfer!

Here’s HOWE we do it! In small group scenarios, with like-minded golfers, who want to improve, Jeff uses fun, challenging exercises, along with games, that will improve your technique while building skills.

This program is designed to get you ready for every aspect of going golf, not just hitting a golf ball.

Young man playing golf on the golf course
Looking for corporate group lessons with Jeff Howe​?
Personalized Corporate Golf Lessons