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Embark on a transformative golfing journey with Jeff Howe, a master teaching professional with over 25 years of coaching expertise.

Jeff Howe: Your Dedicated Golf Instructor in Burlington

Voted Top 50 by the World Golf Teachers Federation 2023

Recognized as a Top 100 Teacher by the World Golf Federation, Jeff Howe brings over 25 years of coaching experience to help golfers lower their scores.

With a background in athletic therapy, and sports training, Jeff believes there is no one-size-fits-all method for teaching or playing golf. He emphasizes the importance of building a balanced and stable body, tailored to unique size, shape, flexibility, and desire, focusing on sound fundamentals.

Jeff is committed to helping you learn and understand your swing, so that you can improve, one session at a time. Offering fun, challenging golf learning experiences with a holistic and personalized coaching approach.

Jeff’s mission is to help golfers learn to play their game their way. Golfers will achieve lower scores by understanding the nuances of their abilities.

Through personalized game and practice plans, Jeff addresses the ‘why, when, and where’ golfers encounter challenges. He provides the HOWE2 improve! Utilizing innovative data tracking tools with engaging games and challenges, he can measure success both on the course and during training sessions.

Our Seamlessly Software Instegrations for Golf Performance Tracking

Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technology for Golf Excellence

Golf Forever – Golf Fitness Tool

GolfForever is a digital golf fitness and wellness system created by PGA Tour doctors and trainers to give all golfers the same world-class workout and recovery programs as the best players in the world.

It’s the safest, most direct route to gain fluidity and speed in your swing, increase your energy on the course, and play the best golf of your life. GolfForever has everything you need to play your best golf, pain-free.

OnForm – Video Swing Analysis

  • Slow motion and frame-by-frame
  • Annotate with drawings
  • Hear your personal lesson with my voice-over recordings
  • Practice more deliberately- by knowing WHAT to improve!
  • Side-by-side and overlay comparison
  • ($25.00 fee with minimum of 3 lessons)

Recognized as Top 100 Teachers by the World Golf Teachers Federation, Top 50 in by Canadian Golf Teachers Federation

Approach® R10 – Portable Golf Launch Monitor

The portable launch monitor that brings the course to you. A better way to train and play.

HackMotion – Golf Swing Analyzer

The Ultimate Swing Feedback Tool

  • Wrist data and feedback after each swing
  • Understand & fix your swing faults
  • Learn from PGA Tour player data

DeWiz – Golf Swing Analyzer

Training with deWiz is an interactive experience that offers real-time feedback on your golf swing. Set your desired min-max values for specific data points, and deWiz will provide real-time feedback to help you stay within your optimal range.

Answering Your Golf Queries

Common Questions, Expert Answers

What is the fastest way to lowering my score?

Attend Jeff's Short Game Training Sessions. Learning and understanding your short game shots is 'low hanging fruit'. It is a fast and easy way that will help you reduce your scores immediately. Short game training sessions will improve your technique and build your skills in putting, chipping, and pitching.

I practice all the time, and I still don't get better! What am I doing wrong?

Practice is important to get better at anything we do. Golf practice has to be specific to YOU, and what your 'problem' or 'miss' is. Practice and playing are two different things! Jeff suggests an on-course play assessment- where he can see you in action. From here, he can start to build you a personal 'plan of attack' to get you training with some deliberate exercises and goals to achieve.

I have a problem with getting distance, how can I hit it longer?

Distance is achieved by several factors in the game of golf. Let's get together, and use some technology, (FlightScope and HackMotions) that allows us to really 'see' where your power sources are lacking. Other areas of concern are; are your clubs right for you? grip size? Shaft flex? the type of ball you are playing? and your fitness/flexibility factors.

How can I get more consistent with my golf swing and game?

Consistency is really difficult to achieve. As we are humans, not robots! Golf is a game of variations & variety. No two shots or swings are truly the same. Jeff will help you understand your 'tendencies', and what is most 'predictable' Knowing these, will help you manage your way around the course. Better strategy, less frustration!
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