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Recognized as Top 100 Teacher by World Golf Federation my goal is to help golfers LOWER THEIR SCORES… and to make YOU my next SUCCESS STORY!!
My background in Athletic Therapy/Sports Management, lends me to believe that there is no specific method to teaching/coaching the golf swing. People have too many variables related to size, shape, flexibility and desire for one method to work effectively. I emphasize the importance of building a balanced and stable body, with sound fundamentals.

Voted Top 50 by the World Golf Teachers Federation - 2022/23

My goal~ is to help golfers LEARN to play their game – in a better way! To achieve lower scores by understanding- why, when, and where- you struggle. I will provide solutions to those struggles, which will help to alleviate your golfing ‘pains.’ You will achieve lower scores by following the game and practice plan, that I create for you! Utilizing Flightscope data tracking/challenges + fun games, we will measure your success both on the course and during weekly training sessions.

Let me show you – Howe 2 Be Better!

As a Master Teaching Professional with over 25 years of coaching experience, I will help you answer all your questions and concerns-

I will transform your game- Guaranteed!

April 2020

Voted Top 50 Golf Instructors in Canada, by the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation
As a former ‘Athletic Trainer’, I understand that ‘your body’ is the MOST important part of any athletic endeavor. My accreditation in SwingLINK Golf Conditioning was a perfect fit. Golf is such a ‘repetitive’ motion, and sometimes it is OUR BODIES that are NOT capable of ‘repeating’ this swinging motion.
My care and concern for always wanting to help others, keeps me currently Certified in First Aid/CPR and AE. I am also a Certified Golf Conditioning Coach.
As an experienced instructor I provide a professional learning environment using simple communication skills along with visual and practical aids to teach sound fundamentals. My learning experience ‘lessons’ are based on structured comprehensive instruction, with challenges and encouragement to help you achieve your goal in your golf game and swing.