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Specializing in the Short Game- “Scoring Zone” A critical component to lowering your scores.
You will improve your skills in; Putting/chipping/pitching/greenside bunker shots.
I use a specific short game area, real game like training situations – to help you develop your skills.
Learning control of ball flight, its roll, the variety of ‘lies’ and rough around the greens are sure ways to creating lower scores!


True Roll Certified Putting Coach Improving your set up; eyes, posture, arms, and putter- to improve SOLID strike- is key in ‘rolling the ball’ more consistently. Foundation of Great Putting is- Know the Speed= Know the Read Utilizing some GREAT

April 2020

Voted Top 50 Golf Instructors in Canada, by the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation

Teaching Philosophy- my opportunity to help you!

Three principles guide my lesson programming, with a structured, minimalistic approach…

1. Each individual’s physical capabilities.
2. Each individual’s understanding of the golf swing and their learning style.
3. The golf club’s influence on ball flight.Know and FIND your IMPACT POSITION— your low point of your swing—understand your swing path, your face at impact- and deliver with Speed and Confidence!

Do you have the desire to improve your game?

  • Then- improving your game, is one lesson away
    All you’ve got to lose is strokes!
  • Howe2golf can improve all aspects of your game
  • Allow me the opportunity to help you improve
  • I am subjective, objective, and offer measurable results!
  • Opportunity to help you improve

Lean More


Attaches to your golf club shaft

Capture swing data during practice

Provides instant analysis and key feedback

Howe 2 Golf is all about

  • I believe in coaching people to play golf and to make it FUN and ENJOYABLE
  • I believe no two people are the same, hence, no single teaching method is appropriate for everyone.
  • I believe that giving a golf lesson is a privilege and I enjoy coaching people to better their golf skills.
  • I believe YOU are my NEXT Success story!

“Every swing is the result of a thought. Focus on the correct thoughts to improve!”

Practice and performance for Better Golf

  • Offering golfers of all ages a minimalistic structured approach to owning your own personal swing and game.
  • My programs encourages the use of MORE Challenges and Golf Games in order to measure and track your improvements.
  • Better Learning + Better Practice = Better Golf

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    To Book a Lesson, or Purchase a Gift Certificate
    Please contact Jeff

     (905) 512-0688

    To Book a Lesson, or Purchase a Gift Certificate
    Please contact Jeff

     (905) 512-0688

    To Book a Lesson, or Purchase a Gift Certificate
    Please contact Jeff

     (905) 512-0688