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Specializing in the Short Game- “Scoring Zone” A critical component to lowering your scores.
You will improve your skills in; Putting/chipping/pitching/greenside bunker shots.
I use a specific short game area, real game like training situations – to help you develop your skills.
Learning control of ball flight, its roll, the variety of ‘lies’ and rough around the greens are sure ways to creating lower scores!


True Roll Certified Putting Coach Improving your set up; eyes, posture, arms, and putter – to improve SOLID strike – is key in ‘rolling the ball’ more consistently.
Foundation of great putting is – Know the Speed – in order to know the read!

Voted Top 50 by the World Golf Teachers Federation - 2022/23

My goal~ is to help golfers LEARN to play their game – in a better way! To achieve lower scores by understanding- why, when, and where- you struggle. I will provide solutions to those struggles, which will help to alleviate your golfing ‘pains.’ You will achieve lower scores by following the game and practice plan, that I create for you! Utilizing Flightscope data tracking/challenges + fun games, we will measure your success both on the course and during weekly training sessions.

Let me show you – Howe 2 Be Better!

As a Master Teaching Professional with over 25 years of coaching experience, I will help you answer all your questions and concerns-

I will transform your game- Guaranteed!

Your swing isn’t always the biggest problem with your golf game.

Let’s start finding ‘solutions’ to your swing and game, and get you playing your game better!

My Coaching Program uses a Coaching Model to help players of all skill levels to lower their scores – Guaranteed!​

Here’s HOWE we are going to do it!

We will start with an on-course play session/evaluation!  I need to see you and your game in action!  From there, I will create an individualized improvement plan! This will enable you to practice with a purpose, more deliberately to address the findings in your on-course play evaluation. This will accelerate your game! It will include some training games, challenges as well as on-course play suggestions!

What results can you expect?

My Results Based Coaching Programs-I guarantee you will achieve your goals, or I will teach you for FREE! *

 *(see terms & conditions)

I genuinely enjoy each golfer’s relationship and the journey that we undertake to achieve your success.

We work on all skills of your game, focusing on ‘you’ and your current struggles. Helping you better understand your game especially when you are on the golf course. The on-course component is the main ingredient in my results-based coaching platform. This is where the magic happens! 

Terms & Conditions

*To be involved in these Results Based Guaranteed programs- you must contact me- have a conversation & fill out a pre-evaluation questionnaire. This is a ‘committed’ program- and it involves being accountable. You will have weekly training games, challenges ‘scorecards’ to fill out and must play a minimum of 9 holes. Should you not keep your commitment, the guarantee is null & void.

Teaching Philosophy- my opportunity to help you!

Three principles guide my lesson programming, with a structured, minimalistic approach…

Do you have the desire to improve your game?

Video Swing Analysis

  • Slow motion and frame-by-frame
  • Annotate with drawings
  • Hear your personal lesson with my voice-over recordings
  • Practice more deliberately- by knowing WHAT to improve!
  • Side-by-side and overlay comparison
  • ($25.00 fee with minimum of 3 lessons)

Recognized as Top 100 Teachers by the World Golf Teachers Federation, Top 50 in by Canadian Golf Teachers Federation

Mevo+ is the ultimate indoor and outdoor launch monitor and simulator that uses patented FlightScope Fusion Tracking technology to provide accurate performance data you can trust.
SkyPro is a new way to improve your golf swing. It is a small sensor that fits imperceptibly below your grip and monitors your club’s motion during a swing. This information is then transmitted wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet, which provides instant feedback on key features of your swing. Make practice meaningful, and have more fun too, with SkyPro!

Howe 2 Golf is all about

“Every swing is the result of a thought. Focus on the correct thoughts to improve!”

Practice and performance for Better Golf

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