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Unlock Your Potential with Personalized Golf Lessons in Burlington

Elevate your game with personalized lessons from Jeff Howe, a dedicated golf instructor. Join us for fun, challenging learning and playing experiences. Play your best with simple, sensible solutions to help you be, the best you can be.

Specializing in the recreational golfer, who wants to learn and improve their game


Online Golf Training

Elevate your game wherever you are. By using the OnForm Video App, remote coaching is seamless


Golf for Beginners

Lessons for beginners and mid handicap players


Senior & Junior Golf Lessons

Jeff helps golfers from ages 12 years and up

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Private & Group Lessons

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Indoor & Outdoor Lessons

Continuous improvement regardless of the season

Jeff Howe
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Discover the Art of Golf with Jeff Howe - Your Trusted Golf Instructor

Voted Top 50 by the World Golf Teachers Federation

Embark on a golfing journey with Jeff Howe, a trusted certified golf teaching professional. He is dedicated to solving your swing and game problems and reshaping your game. Through on-course playing assessments and training, Jeff will build you a plan to help you play your game, with your swing. With a mission to get you better one session at a time, Jeff will get you on a path to training specifically to solve your problem, or improve your skill set.

Jeff seamlessly integrates advanced technologies like GolfForever (Golf fitness tool), Onform (Video Coaching Platform) Flightscope (Ball launch monitor tool) and HackMotion (Real-time training). By combining these cutting-edge tools, Jeff’s goal is to sculpt well-rounded golfers, fostering a love for the game that goes beyond the greens.

Golf Coaching: Tailored Instruction for Every Golfer

Elevate Your Game with Personalized Golf Coaching

Private and Semi-Private Coaching
Unlock Your Potential with One-on-One Guidance

Experience personalized attention and focused coaching with our Private & Semi-Private Coaching sessions. Jeff Howe tailors each session to your unique needs. He provides simple, sensible solutions through education and knowledge. Helping you understand concepts, and play better.

Group Coaching
Team Up for Golf Excellence

Group Coaching is a dynamic learning environment of like-minded people, working towards their improvements. Perfect for friends, family, colleagues. These fun sessions offer shared insights in a supportive atmosphere that enhances your enjoyment, while building your golf skills.

Golf Lessons, All Year Round

Seamless Learning, Every Season

Winter Indoor Lessons
Team Up for Golf Excellence

Continue your golf journey during the winter months with our Winter Indoor Lessons. Stay warm while perfecting your swing in a controlled environment, ensuring progress even when the weather is cold.

Summer On-Course Lessons
Experience the beauty of golf outdoors

Jeff Howe takes you beyond the practice range, guiding you through real-game scenarios for a comprehensive golfing experience. On-course game assessments and training is the best way to learn Howe 2 Play!

Answering Your Golf Queries

Common Questions, Expert Answers

Ready to Improve Your Game?
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How many lessons will it take to get better?

Learning something new and or making changes, in our 'habits'... can be 'messy'. The short answer is, 'it takes what it takes', It's all about your commitment to the process. Having a properly planned training program will help you get to your golfing goals faster!

Why is golf so 'technical', with all the apps & data information?

Great question, It doesn't have to be! Jeff likes to give simple, sensible solutions that will help you understand, to help you, solve your issues. He can provide more 'geeky' data for those that want otherwise, Jeff keeps it simple.

Do you provide lessons to high skilled golfers? and proplayers?

Jeff does coach several highly skilled players, but no Professionals.

Do you provide lessons for corporations?

Yes, Jeff does provide Corporate Golf Learning Experiences.

Do you provide lessons for kids and families?

Jeff does coach families with Juniors age 12 and up.

I have never ever played before, am I a good fit?

Jeff has a great program, called Howe2Get Into Golf, for the 'never played before' true beginner.

Where do you provide the lessons?

Jeff coaches at Hidden Lake Golf Club - it has a great practice facility with all the amenities. Dragons Fire Golf Club, WithinRange Golf Center is a driving range scenario.

Terms & Conditions: To be involved in these Results Based Guaranteed programs- you must contact me- have a conversation & fill out a pre-evaluation questionnaire. This is a ‘committed’ program- and it involves being accountable. You will have weekly training games, challenges ‘scorecards’ to fill out and must play a minimum of 9 holes. Should you not keep your commitment, the guarantee is null & void.